How to Schedule a Massage

How to Schedule Your Massage during COVID-19 Pandemic

  • There will be no online booking at this time.  Please email appointment requests to 
  • To allow for social distancing all therapists will be working with reduced and staggered schedules.  As a result, our treatment start times will be different, room preferences cannot be guaranteed, and we are unfortunately NOT BOOKING NEW CLIENTS yet.
  • Once you have requested your massage you will be sent a digital form screening for COVID-19 symptoms.  Only after you have completed your form can your massage be scheduled.  

During Your Massage Visit

  • If you develop any signs and symptoms of COVID-19, or are feeling sick prior to your appointment please call the clinic and delay your visit.
  • Upon your arrival at the clinic your RMT will go over the COVID-19 screening questions, incase of any health changes.
  • All clients must wear a mask in all clinic spaces, including during the treatment.  Please arrive in a clean reusable cloth or disposable mask.  Your therapist will also be wearing a mask for the duration of your visit.  
  • Arrive at your appointment no more than 5 minutes before the designated appointment time. If you arrive early, please wait in your car or outside. Please limit the amount of personal items you bring into the clinic.
  • Come to your appointment alone, if this is not possible any and all visitors will be screened, asked to leave their name and number, must also wear a mask, and will not be permitted to wait in our reception area. 
  • All clients must wash their hands upon entering the clinic and sanitise hands when leaving.
  • Our washrooms are for emergency use only, please try and limit use by going before you come to the clinic.
  • No cash payments at this time. Please use the Tap method when possible.

What we are Doing to Keep the Clinic Safe.  

We have implemented additional practices to help keep the clinic safe and clean.

  • To allow for social distancing all therapists will be working with staggered schedules to one another.  As a result, our treatment start times will be different and room preferences cannot be guaranteed.
  • We have increased the time between appointments to sanitise the treatment room(s) and high touch surfaces throughout the clinic. 
  • Each therapist will be complete daily self-screenings of COVID-19 using the same criteria asked of clients
  •  We will be wearing surgical/procedure masks for the duration of your visit, and we will continue wash our hands before and after each treatment. 

Please be patient as we navigate this new way to practice.  We know there are a lot of changes, but what remains constant at Claudia Salzmann & Associates is our commitment to excellence, and the health and wellbeing of our clients.